Posted by: icekaffe | 21. November 2011

Arctic food

Back at the Ice Kaffe food was actually pretty limited compared to life today. Given the lack of infrastructure and society, we did not have the kind of plenty where you can go to the store and buy whatever tickles your fancy, regardless of what season it is. Any kind of fresh produce was an extreme rarity. Every now and then we would get a bundle of root vegetables – usually carrots and potatos – or if a ship had a surplus we’d get some kind of citrus fruit. Before arriving at the Ice Kaffe I didn’t care much for fruit, but I think you get the idea.

So most of our diet consisted of meat and grains. This actually made sense if you look at the northern societies in this world today, where meat makes up a much larger portion of the national diet than it does in more southern climates. Cured meats were common, but being located in an icy cavern this wasn’t really necessary. After realizing that they didn’t harbour any viruses or nasty bacteria, we also ate the apocalypse wolves that roamed the island. The meat was tough and had a lot of smoke to it, but occasionally we’d remedy this by being creative. If all we had was wolf to eat, then my favorite way to eat it was wolf sausage. They weren’t as dry or smokey as the steaks and we would add various things to it like stored spices, oils, vinegar, or my favorite – beer.

Alcohol was something that we definately were not short on. After all, during this time what did one have to do besides wait around for grain to ferment? I did not have much experience with alcohol before arriving on the island, so I can’t judge whether our alcohol could measure up to the drinks of today’s society. Plus, I have an automatic affinity for everything from the Ice Kaffe just because of nostalgia. But the beer certainly made the wolf sausages something amazing.

Now before I go on, I want to ensure whatever readers there are out there that I am not being paid by anyone nor do I plan to promote any store… well maybe. But after all I am not even naming explicitly the store I bought this next product from. These are from TJ’s, reader you know or you don’t, and they are called Hofbrau Brats. They have a history of their own and I’m sure you can guess that they are very German. What I love about them is that they are made with beer and this gives them a taste that is very familiar to the wolf sausages I enjoyed back at the Ice Kaffe. Except that I can clearly taste the pork.

These sausages make a great meal when you don’t have much time to fix anything up but you want something that at least tastes homemade. They don’t take too long to cook nor do they demand much attention. I go real bare bones here and just fry them with some onions and that’s it, “voilà”! Maybe you like mustard or ketchup or cheese or whatever, but if you are a real pork lover then the taste of sausage should suffice. And honestly, these have an amazing taste with them. I add the onions just because it makes me feel more German. These definately go well with beer or white wine, as well.

I know this isn’t the most appetizing picture in terms of looks, but in terms of taste it is just plain “yummy”.


  1. That looks very tasty. Is Pork Tasty?

    • It’s amazing.

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